Anyone in NC or VA on I-95?

I’ll be driving through North Carolina and Virginia through Tuesday afternoon and would love to find a place to stop and have lunch. Do any of the Think Tankers have a shop along I-95in this area or have a recommendation of a pizza or other any other type of restaurant that is a must stop at place?

Hey Paul! I’ve lived in Richmond, VA for 20+ years and this is my favorite pizza (NY style) in the city… It’s located in Carytown which is full of great hole-in-the-wall restaurants (and some gourmet places). It’s nothing fancy, just solid pizza that beats everything else of similar type in the city.

If you want to go for some deep dish pizza, check out Bottoms Up Pizza (another local favorite) which is in real “downtown Richmond” This one might be more fun for you if you are traveling with company or want to eat in a historic part of Richmond…

Good luck!