Anyone In The KC Area?

Heading there for a couple days with my 2 year old for a mini vacation for me and birthday trip for him. He will eat pizza every meal if I let him, figure we would go to a TT members place if possible.

At 1 time there were some folks on here from Wheat State Pizza…But I notice their website is not working…

Let’s broaden out that question a little. Anyone in MO at all? I just finished reading American Pie (no not a book about the movie:)
and I’m feeling a pizza hunt coming on.


Bryan. It’s a great read. My son got it for me the Christmas I went into busines and I re-read it all the time. I got some great ideas from it as well. What a life travelling the world looking for the ideal pizza.


I loved it and has lots of nuggets in it, plus it is just entertaining! I’m about to start a re-read and make a dozen pies :slight_smile:
I’m currently looking at going into business for myself and if I convince myself to go into the pizza business as an indie it’s definately going on my office shelf.


I’m in Kansas City but, unfortunately, I’m not open for a couple months

If I had to recommend one local place that has a pizza unique to KC, I’d go to Tim’s in Independence. It’s one of the many happy joe’s spinoffs but it’s the best. My family owned a bakery across the street when I was growing up and I ate many a pie there as a kid. Pizza 51 has great NY style pie and Spin is recent chain serving Neopolitan. Waldo Pizza is a very popular American style pizza though I honestly do not know what the fuss is about…

Have fun and make sure you eat BBQ when you’re here. Bryants or Gates - you must do one or the other. Don’t be talked into the suburban cowboy BBQ (Jack’s Stack) - it’s not even close.

Hey indie, just wondering where you ended up going…

My wife and baby ended up going with us too, so we tried out Garozzo’s Ristorante downtown. My food was stellar, (other than the $8 side salad!). I ordered my son a cheese pizza and it was one of the most horrific things I’ve ever seen, pretty sure it was a frozen skin from Restaurant Depot and the cheapest cheese they had laying around. The crust was barely warm and really chewy.

Where is your store going to be? I’m usually in the area a couple times a month, would love to stop by.

I worked at Garozzo’s (mostly Garozzo’s due - now Salvatore’s) for years. I started out as a busboy before I could drive. Their food is good southern-italian comfort food. They are from St. Louis and do not specialize in Pizza. It never occurred to me to try their pizza, but I imagine it is not very good. Plus, it has provel which is an instant no to me. But their spiedini with diavolo sauce is killer.

Interestingly, the salad used to come with every meal. If you ever come back and have the hankering for Garozzo’s try out Salvatore’s in independence or Carmen’s in Brookside. They have the same food, but it will be a lot less money. Carmen’s is in a trendier area, but both are very unpretentious.

Of course, if you want really good italian food, Lidia’s is where to go. It’s in the freight house district and is my favorite restaurant in the city.

Anyway, we’re in Lee’s Summit by Longview Community College. (3385 SW Fascination Drive) and should be open for lunch and dinner by February 1 (hopefully earlier for lunch).

Come buy and see me when you’re in town and make sure you introduce yourself.

Patrick Cuezze