anyone in the process of opening and looking for start up capital?

So, I got a weird call today…

Dorian from Spike TV called, hes a casting director. he is looking for restaurants that are about to open and that are still looking for start up capital… they are trying to do a TV documentary about starting businesses… I don’t fit the bill but i thought some of my friends here at the think tank may be interested… any takers?

He seems legit I googled him and he came up as a actual casting director.

Hmm, where the heck was this guy in late 2009, early 2010?

Can you tell us more. What are they looking for requirement wise

I’m interested!

I am down! Let me know when and where !

Just remember that it’s a reality TV show, and as such they will be looking for drama.

They will probably “cast” your staff with wannabe actors looking for attention. They’re looking for drama kings and queens, not actually good employees. They will interfere to create story arcs, probably sabotage things, and ensure that your restaurant gets slaughtered when it can’t handle it. They want irate customers, staff fights, and thrown plates.

Customers will take every opportunity to complain, because they know the cameras are there and they want to be on TV.

You will be at the mercy of editing. 400 or 500 hours of footage each week will be condensed into 43 minutes, and they will be able to paint you and your business in any way they want with that much material. If they want to make you the “bumbling idiot owner”, they’ll find a way.

Just something to think about.

We got all kinds of small town drama… Sign me up!

Sooo that’s not normal ???! ( high pitched voice)

i didn’t get to far with the guy once he figured out we have been open for 2 years he lost interested and asked if i knew anyone else to call him…if your interested pm your info ill forward it to him.

he did say they were looking for businesses that were ready to open but were looking for more start-up capital to get the doors open.

Ok where do I send my info to?

go to the inbox on the top right of this page and click start new conversation…

I am trying to change locations into a larger venue, in a different part of the state, and looking at needing at least $1Mil to get it done correctly. So It would basically be a start up.
I’ll take a chance.