Anyone integrating baked goods or a bakery?

We’ve been hearing about quite a few pizzerias integrating bakeries into their stores. Have you experimented with this at all? Do you currently serve homemade baked goods to your customers (besides your pizzas, of course).

I’ve seen a lot of pizzerias adding cookies to their menu. Papa John’s, Uncle Maddio’s and let’s not forget DiGiorno’s frozen pizza and cookie dough combo! So yummy.

Lets not forget the current pretzel craze!

I begun selling artisan breads @ farmer’s market, then move to a closed pizza place and bein doing pizza. Now I sell more pizza than breads. Bread take longer hours, but all the bread for sandwiches, open sandwiches, bread for the soup and 2-3 differents breads for sale is made on house. In 2014 thursday’s will be the day for breads. When people order something with bread and taste it, they want to buy a loaf of that bread. It’s a $120 to $200 more in bread.


You can’t go wrong offering homemade bread. There’s a pizzeria near me that bakes bread in its wood-burning oven. When you have a loaf of it alongside some caprese and olive oil, it’s amazing. They also bake some amazing cookies in that oven that are in pretty high demand.


I run a unique full time during the school calendar bakery/pizzeria at Newark High School in Newark Ohio that teaches special needs students entry level job skills and skills needed to reach maximum independence as adults. We are a licensed commercial/retail facility where everything is handmade with pure ingredients. We serve 2 school districts and Dension University. Each week we handcraft thousands of hand rolled bagels(boiled/baked), cookies, artisan breads, baked goods, and dog biscuits. We work with the Amish to get organic stone ground whole wheat flour and a local high school that grows organic basil for us year round (for pizza topping). Pizza is about 20-30% of business. We use blodgett 1000 deck ovens from the 70’s with the original stones. I was raised in the NYC/NJ pizza world and we do all our products authentic to back home. We use DOP Parmigano Regiano, DOP Romano Pecorino, LMWM mozzerala, fresh herbs, 7/11 tomatoes, and 2-5 day cold femented dough. We make one size pizza- 18" with either cheese or pepperoni. That is it. Here is a link to our program and a short video of our year in review. If anyone is in the area you are invited stop by and visit a bit. Walter

We do large Cinnamon rolls, Bread Pudding from those same rolls when they are a day old, and various fruit cobblers commonly.

If I would have known bread pudding was as popular as it has been for us, I would have been doing it years ago