Anyone integrating Toast w/ Doordash using Chowly?

I have an issue doing so, they say my menu is to deep, and want me to slice a level ouf it. To do that, I’d need to list all the toppings as Whole (30 items) Right (30) and Left (30). That make a possible 90 items that my users would have to scroll through. I’m trying to design this menu so that I don’t have to do that.

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Is DoorDash saying this or is Chowly saying it?


Tim Kelly
Lucky Duck Pizza

I have Speedline and used Chowly with Grubhub and that’s how it was set up. Whole Toppings, Left Half Toppings, Right Half Toppings. I don’t think it has anything to do with Toast. The way Chowly works is it maps your Doordash Item names with your Toast Item names so it needs to match what ever someone chooses on Doordash with an item or modifier in Toast.

I get that, but if I do that, I have 30 toppings that can go on pizzas. if I do Whole, Left, Right, that make my toast menu (and others that map from it, which how Chowly does it now) 90 items deep. That’s a sure fire way to piss of a customer, having to scroll to the bottom to add feta to the Right side of a pizza…

I’m working with them to devise a scheme to flatten the menu without the problem I just described, but it doesn’t look promising.\

I don’t think the customer would be upset. I’m sure there are other place on the DoorDash platform that have a wide variety of toppings that have to list them the same way. I’ve also noticed around me that a lot of the places only offer a full topping option on DoorDash. This could also be that they were added without permission as DoodDash likes to do. What if you started by adding only your top selling and list them in order from the most popular to least popular

I had to set up my Chownow ordering site how you describe whole 1st half 2nd half

It was really tedious and redundant and I would have liked to had a more efficient way of doing it

Make sure all topping lists are in the same order for whole 1st half 2nd half.

My customers didnt care, I dont think yours will either