Anyone know a good PC problems forum?

I’m having a few various pc problems and wanted to see if anyone knows of a good forum to try out?

i’ve searched and found a couple but none very populated.

Thanks for the help all!

Try out Lots of very knowledgeable people there. … or just shoot me a message and I’m sure I can answer it.

  • Rob

great, thanks for the help!


They have an excellent forum for helping you get rid of spyware, trojans and malware. They also have an excellent selection of freeware programs: all day long. These people are incredible.


A lot of information can be found at and the website of your computer brand.

You’ll have to perform solid queries on Microsoft’s site or you’ll get beat up with possible articles. For instance, if event viewer is giving an error, put the error number, the OS used, and any info from the description field of the message. For instance: XP 54 “the system could not find the device specified”. Make SURE you use the EXACT error message, not something similar like “device not found”.