anyone know how i can add system to pizzafast POS

i have been using rockland technology pizzafast pos for many years on a single computer system. i would like to upgrade to a multi system so i can use 2 or more together… i actually have two seperate systems that i purchased from rock tech but dont have their software to use them together, and they no longer support pizzafast. i thought about changing to another system such as point of success, but i dont like the way a lot of the features work compared to the ease of pizzafast. other software is way too pricey for me. does anyone know where i can get the software to run pizzafast multi or another way to do it? any help would be appreciated. thanks!

Here are some things to think about…

First and foremost, PizzaFast is a DOS-based system. DOS has been dead for years, and with the release of Windows Vista, DOS is really dead. This has no effect on your use of PizzaFast now, but the future is grim. When you use old technology it’s just a matter of time before you’re at the end of the road.

Another big issue is that PizzaFast is no longer supported. If you run into a problem with the software, it is unlikely that anyone can help you. And you have the problem now with adding a workstation.

We have a number of PizzaFast users who have upgraded their system with Point of Success, but ours is not the only low-priced POS software option. Of course I’d like you to buy Point of Success, but you would be better served by purchasing any Windows-based POS system (even a competitor’s!) than you would be by trying to expand your old DOS-based system.

i agree jeff that that it would be a good idea to upgrade to a windows based system, and i really like some of the featues of yours and some of the others.
however some of the features i have now are much more complicated than they need to be or do not exist. i downloaded the point of success demo and spent considerable amount of time on the phone with one of your techs and i still am not comfortable that it would be a good move for me. i would like to see it in action at a store with someone who has been using it a while and knows the ins and outs… if anyone is willing to let me come check it out and let me ask some questions i would like to do that… thanks for the feedback.

you could try

or try E-bay

maybe try contacting the company who made it.

If yo want to take a trip to the “GREAT WHITE NORTH” to see Point of Success in action feel free to come and see me.

thanks daddio, i may have to take u up on that…i am gonna try to find someone in the states first (cheaper flights for me) to check it out, but if i have to i will…thanks again


We owned a Pizza Parlor for 3 years and have loved the Point of Success software. So much that we are now the Northwest Dealer for them. I would be happy to answer any questions about it. Having the store really gives you an insite to what it will or will not do. You can find us pointofsolution in the google search then call us for the help… also Seattle isn’t nice until May…=-)


I’ve had the pleasure of keeping an old multi-user PizzaFast system running for the last 9 years… yes, it’s still running. From what I’ve been able to find here and elsewhere, I’ll wager it’s the last functioning multi-user PizzaFast system in existence!

PizzaFast isn’t truly DOS based, rather it’s a very similar OS called PC-MOS. It’s an old proprietary multi-user OS that vanished a long time ago. It has multi-user capability using old Wyse 50 (or similar) dumb terminals connected to the main system via RS-232 (serial) cables. Receipt printers are also connected this way.

While the main system is a standard PC, the catch is the interface card itself. It’s an old multi-COM-port card, ISA slot, and long out of production. I haven’t seen one on Ebay in years. If that card goes, you can kiss the system goodbye.

Working on such old systems is more of a hobby for me, not the main focus of my career (I’m a networking consultant). But I wouldn’t mind knowing if indeed there is anyone out there still using PizzaFast.

I don’t visit this forum often, but you can email me at: technomutt (at) yahoo (dot) com