anyone looking to open a pizza place

I recently opened a shop for my two kids, they did not want to continue school and get a college education and thought they would get into a business like thier old man.
I bought some property, built a great new 1900sq. ft. building with excellent demographics, good acess and parking on busy thouroughfare 1 mile from a college campus with 5k students, fully equipped and nicely setup. we have been open a total of 12 weeks, without any advertising and staying open only untill 8pm,no delivery, 4 employees, we are doing about 4k a week and are at break even.
But lo and behold my kids have decided that its to much work and want to go back to school, what I believed would be a part time job for me has turned full time. This business is positioned to really take off with someone at the wheel that knows what they are doing. I am considering selling, I can sell off equiptment and real estate, but would rather sell entire operation. If you are looking to get into the business you may want to consider this location. you can buy business only, buisness and real estate, or business only with option to purchase real estate. this is a tunkey operation ready for someone with business experience to turn it into a real moneymaker. (open longer, add delivery, etc.)

If interested let me know photoguy4321 at aol dot com

With no indication where in the country, or world, the place is, I am slow to recommend the opportunity to someone else. Can you give us a little hint?