Anyone near Orlando? Maybe I'll reveal myself!

So, I’m taking the kids to Disney World et al, in January 2011 (if you missed the BIG hint I’m from the UK). Wondered if anyone is nearby for a visit?

Maybe then I might let out a clue or two about the Wiz! :roll:

just to clarify…when I say reveal myself I do mean the true identity not me taking my clothes off - just in case that puts you off responding :shock:

Patriots Pizza AKA Golden Knights Pizza is in Orlando. He’s the only TT’er that I’m aware of that’s from that area. I’m 100 miles north in Gainesville. Enjoy your vacation here!

I’m down in Kissimmee, downtown Kissimmee to be exact. Broadway Pizza Bar.

Stop on in for great pizza and a very nice glass of wine or cold draft.