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Maybe an odd time talk about MORE expensive ingredients with regular old flour going up, but in this area people are really on the all natural band wagon. There is no pizza place around that touts either all natural or organic. Does anyone do it… could it work?

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We are joining the “Natural”, “Organic”, “Locally Produced” trend. It is not significantly more expensive considering the market differentiation it gets you. It also provides the invaluable “socially redeeming reason” that many people require to eat something they consider less than health food. We are also considering whole wheat dough, made from the less bitter hard white spring wheat.

Re: Anyone “organic” or advertise "All natura

We have asked our suppliers for organic produce but so far we can not be assured of having all our fresh veggies available all the time (onions, mushrooms, tomatos, romain, spring mix, green peppers) which I felt was the minimum for making a claim of using organic ingredients. My opinion is that there is sufficient perceived value in it to jutify a price increase but that I needed to be able to consistently provide what I would be claiming.

I hate to think what organic flour or cheese would cost in the quantities we use them!