Anyone out there using SOFO as a supplier??

I am now at the end of my ropes with my current supplier, out dated cheese 5 weeks UGH… SO now Im going to switch suppliers so any opinion out there on SOFO FOODS, I have already tried Sysco, to costly. From what I have seen SOFO came & visited me yesterday & gave me a couple prices WOW what a difference in cheese prices (LOWER) by .24 cents per lb, also found out that SOFO sales guys are not on sales commission so that works for me. ANY OPINIONS


we have been using SOFO for a year or so now. We also use Roma to try and keep each other honest with their prices. SOFO has much lower prices on their pizza toppings, but Roma beats them on others. So we use them both from week to week. We are a key drop for them and aside from a product not being shipped every once in awhile, we have no Major Complaints…


What brand of cheese flour are you using, I grind my own cheese so Im looking for block cheese 3% & 2%. I use a 2-1 ratio when grinding. I will keep Roma in mind as well. Thanks for your input

I used SOFO and Gordon’s in Michigan. I was able to get great product from SOFO and my rep went out of his way when something went wrong. I know all suppliers have their problems, but this one was top notch.

Jim, thanks for your input. I already tried GFS, back in the 80’s-90’s my parents used GFS for their cheese, it was top notch, when I reopened the business I continued with GFS, BUT unfortunelty they sold off their cheese business out in California to another manufacture and they could not get the blend correct, the cheese went down hill, so I stopped using them back in 2009, I was actually mopping water off my pizzas thats how bad the cheese was. Im actually going to try SOFO and see how things go. I like the fact that the reps are not paid by commission, and they will not try to push more product onto you than what you really need, they only require a $300 truck for delivey, where my current supplier requires 15 items, which on some weeks is really hard to do, so most weeks I have it shipped to a friend of mine who uses the same guy & does not mind me doing that