Anyone Paying Yelp for Advertising?

Had a talk today with someone from Yelp about ad placements for local searches through their website. I like Yelp and believe in it, but I’m not sure if it is worth paying advertising for. Anyone done this?

Here’s the prices.

$300 a month to show up 1500 times a month through searches for a year.
$500 for 5000??? (can’t remember the quantity)
$1000 for 10,000 (can’t remember for sure either)

If you are paying you get a slide show of pics/logos/whatever on your main page. It works like Google in that your place will show up at the top during searches. You also get ads placed on other shop’s pages (unpaid pages). If you are a paid member other places cannot advertise on your page.

Graphs are available to chart the number of hits and searches your are getting.

I much prefer the Pay-per-click model - so you only have to pay for the number of people who actively view your advertisement. Through review of our various advertising avenues we’ve found that even if you get a high number of impressions it doesn’t mean you will get a decent number of click-throughs.