Anyone Purchase From Sofo Foods

:slight_smile: What do you think about Sofo foods, out of Toledo, Ohio?. Do they have a good pizza sauce, and other items? How are there prices compared to others?

I’m in Indiana, and have purchased from Sofo for 5 years now. 4 Years as a GM, and 1 year on my own. I used to do GFS and Sofo both, but now do 99.5% sofo.

I think that no matter which distributor it depends on the rep., and I have a very good one. The rep will make your experience with that company.

I like Sofo because they carry Stanislaus products, and they have quality Italian products. If I was in the burger business, I wouldn’t buy from them, but for Italian, they do it right.

They’re not always the most organized, I’ve found that GFS makes fewer mistakes, but the quality of their products is worth it to me.

Their pricing has always been good for me. I was treated very well from the beginning and not in a situation where I needed to buy more before they would give me good pricing. They gave me good pricing from the beginning, which allowed me to trust them.

I would go with them over and over, but I do feel that it heavily depends on your rep. and the relationship you have with him/her.