Anyone put oil in their sauce

My current reicpe is
1 can saporito
1 can james river
2 cans 7-11
1 oz souffle cup fine salt
2 oz souffle cup oregano
2 oz souffle cup pepper
2 oz souffle cup garlic powder

many people have told me the sauce is great
I am considering adding 4 oz souffle cup of evoo.
hopefully to help with small gumline problem and taste. test tasting a single serving of sauce is not a strength of mine.
just wondering if anyone else adds oil and why?

We used to but decided it wasn’t worth the added cost. If you’re having a gumline problem, id suggest adding a little more water to your sauce. It’ll cook out without losing flavor. This was something the dough doctor had mentioned to me a few years back. It helped get our crust a little crispier.

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Thanks Steve, I thought water was the problem.

We have a spice packet made for us as we have multiple stores. We do use 11 oz of vegetable oil. taking it out changed the flavor profile.
We use 2 cans of bonta
2 cans of water
11 oz oil
1 spice packet.

I am not sure what kind of pizza you sell.
Our thin crust has no problems.
Our hand tossed only has gumline issues on heavy pies. We take them off the pan and push them back in the length of the pizza. No more problems with them.
We had gumline issues with our deep pan. We now parbake all of them.
Parbaking takes 3min 50sec. We do that before opening. Cook time is 3min 50 sec. No gumline and it speeds up production.

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Thanks. I would love to do pans here. I make one for the crew sometimes, just like you do. I dont have the room. total store is 550 sf. what do you do with left over pans. can they be used at a later date. Dominos in the 90s would just have them shipped in premade in a bag with 10 of them. and they were good.

Are you speaking of James River BBQ sauce when you say 1 can james river???

no just water. james river

Curious - what is James River? Water?

FYI - if you are adding 1 can of water to one Saporito Pizza and 2 7/11, your sauce is pretty juicy which could cause a gumline issue. If you are still having the issue, consider leaving the water out or replace it with a third can of 7/11.

If you want to talk sauce, I have been with Stanislaus for 35 years. Email me at

Steve Rouse