anyone read these articles

I am going to forward those to a Senator and a couple of congressmen that I know because worked with on their campaigns and ask a few pointed questions, in fact I will be seeing one of the congressmen on Monday evening.

Here’s a link where it was touched on back in 2011. There was another where this was discussed more. I wrote my elected officials and got no response more than a form letter thanking me for my correspondence.

Thank you for sharing, this is quite upsettling, and this has been brought to the attention of my elected representatives in Wisconsin (the friggin dairy state) ,
My rep at the state level is a restaurateur, so he actually understands many of the challenges that we are up against.

Keep in mind, this was in 2010. I doubt the politicians cared then and I’m pretty certain they won’t care now.

never herd this before! so messed up! and I’m paying 2.65 a pound.