Anyone sell alot of something other than pizza?

My menu consists of pizza, strombolis, subs, and salads. I sell about 140 strombolis a day. To do this I have to make large loaves of dough 2.75#. I use the loaf to make 6 strombolis at a time. I would like to know what foods you have had success with besides pizza? Also, how you handle the volume?

Stromboli and Calzone have finally caught on in our market, and we make them to order like a pizza. They take a little more time in the deck, but work out okay. Not much harder than a pizza. We mix our ricotta, parsley and parm together and scoopx2 with a #30 (IIRC) for a calzone.

We also move a LOT pf cheesesteaks and wings. There are four of us in the kitchen in peak shifts. It gets crazy some nights, but we still sautee each 'steak to order in 12" pans with onion, pepper and mushroom as ordered. Gets labor intensive, but the sautee guy earns his money most every night there or helping at slap table.

we have in addition to our 28 pizzas, 13 burritos,8 tacos, 3 nachos, 7 salads, 4 wraps, 3 oven bakes sandwiches, a gyro sandwichand, and breadsticks, together they probably make up 60% of sales, i have between 2 and 5 pizza cooks, that handle pizza, breadsticks, gyros, and the oven baked sandwiches. 2 ppl for burritos, one person to saute all the fish and tofu for salads and burritos, and one person doing all the salads and wraps. plus each line usually has at least one special coming off of it.

its hard to give really set % of sales because it depends on season and the type of movies we play, kids movies, its all small cheese and roni pizzas, and nachos no jalapenos. art movies are lots of spinach based pies, veggie pies, and a crazy amount of halibut and salmon burritos/tacos. date movies destroy my salad cook if he isnt on his toes. horror films almost all breadsticks/nachos and tons of beer.
and of course once summer hits we have fresh salmon and halibut so our sales of that double.