anyone sell icecream?

Hi all,
Does anyone sell icecream in their pizza shop?
We have a line on a gourmet, farm fresh ice cream, we are adding it starting next weekish. Anyone ever add it after being in business? What happened?

Just thought id see if anyone else has done the same.

I sell a local brand of premium ice cream. I sell pints only and have between 8-12 flavors depending on the season. We get $3.99 for a pint. They cost me $1.99. I like to have coupons for free pints of ice cream with $X purchase. I also give them away when we make a mistake, or something takes longer then it should. Customers love it.

I’m looking into this as well. I think I may be adding a hand-dipped ice cream cabinet vs. a soft-serve machine. I think it fits better with my target market.

We are looking at making our own organic, natural ice cream using locally produced berries and the like. We would only sell in containers for delivery or carryout.

For those delivering pints:

Do you use a cooler or something to keep the pints frozen ?

What’s the shelf life of pints of ice cream in your freezer ?

I sell Ben and Jerry;s brand in the pints…I offer 4 flavors Vanilla, chocolate fudge brownie, cho chip cookie dough and cherry garcia…

I probably about $250 worth a week at cost…but profit is small per pint…I have considered making fresh gelato and selling it in pints…

I have a 99 cent Ben and Jerry;s coupon…with XL pie…customers love it…

and I like having the quality brand of B & J logo in my menu…

this ice cream is so dense and frozen so hard…you need not worry about its condition even in 97 degree summer days…


you may want to consider a high quality gelato rather than ice cream - delivers better - able to thaw and refreeze - and the taste is 10 times better than ice cream
good luck

We sell pints of Ben $ Jerry’s/ The price is $5. Cost now is $2.72. We have a double door True freezer that keeps them at -20 so they are fine for delivery. We give most away on coupons though. I like the added value approach to coupons more than I like discounts. By giving away a pint we provide a perceived value of $5 at a cost of half that. To get the same bang on a coupon I have to give them a $5 discount, this approach maintains the ticket value and compared to things like free breadsticks is less complex to deal with. The item requires zero prep and handling. Right now during high season we are going through about 100-150 pints per week. We carry six flavors because we can hold six stacks of sleeves of pints on the top shelf of the freezer. Cookie Dough is the best seller.

As I have posted before, I am allergic to complexity. I am willing to add complexity but it must pay. For me to deal with ice cream that had to be either made or handled (hand packed etc) I would want the food cost to come down to my hurdle rate and I would want it to generate sales dollars. Ben and Jerry’s has a great recognizable name and the whole thing is simple to deal with. At our slice location we carry the single serving size B&Js which sell very well.

Well, recieved my ice cream cabinet today. Going to be put in on the weekend, weather is getting nice around here and had alot of customers get pretty excited when they saw it sitting in the store and asking when it will be operational. I really hope it helps to increase traffic, things are going well, but they need to get better!
We will be selling pints as well, doing some combo’s with pizza’s etc.
pizzafanatic, I am doing hand-dipped ice cream, I will let you know what it does for business once its up and running and people know its here.
xpk, I will be doing the farm fresh ice cream, but they do gelato as well, so it will be 10 flavors of ice cream, 3 gelato, and one none dairy. Hope that gets the whole gambit of customers in…wish me luck!


Where are you guys getting Ben and Jerry’s from? Direct or what distributor? Do you have a phone number? thanks


Have you asked your food service provider?..Most brokers have an amazing selction of products…Might be worth a phone call…

We are adding ice cream at the end of the month. We are going with the hand dipped and I’m looking
at different toppings and cones.

Meadowgold is the local distributor for B&Js here. They stop by on Tuesdays and bring us up to the stock level we agreed to and drop off an invoice. I pay them monthly, but we have been doing this together for 9 years.

I got my dipping cabinet last night from a closed down ice cream shop. I’m tickled that I got a $2800 Masterbilt for $225. Anyways, I called my health inspector and got the green light for my dipping well setup. With a little luck, I may be serving ice cream within a week or so.

I’m going with a regional premium brand, that I think will go over well. Still undecided on sundaes and shakes.

I’m green when it comes to ice cream, but it’s pretty exciting to think of the potential. :lol:

well last summer in old shop we had 18 flavors ,shakes ,sundaees,etc to me it was big pain in the arse. to me unless you can move alot its not worth it . we are only going to have choclate,vanilla,strawberry flavors this year were are going to buy a new mixer that will make shake in about 1 minute we are so done with hamilton beach style mixers. :twisted: we will only have waffle cones and regular cake cones. my bigest problem was gettin hammered with ice cream orders when we were tryin to get pizzas out the door and people wantin to know everything you got and still ordering vanilla my suggestion would be this one size shake. minimal ice cream selection to get started and keep it simple.

congrats, we havent installed ours yet, but i’ll let u know how it goes, you do the same ok?