Anyone send out E-mail Newsletters?

Hey all,
Wanted to know if any of you send out e-mail newsletters to your customers?

And if so, how did you set it up?

I have a flash site and want to create a little text and submit box so I can add people to the e-mailing list but am having a difficult time trying to figure out how to do this.

Thanks all!

I’ve been preaching for about the past year or so for people to use Yes, that is an affiliate link. But the product is SOLID.

I can attempt to look at your website to add the code. If your ENTIRE site is in flash, I probably won’t be able to help, but if you have flash elements with some HTML, I can probably figure it out.

BTW, you know that Google can’t read flash, right? You’re hurting your sites ability to show in the search engine rankings. Up until a few weeks ago, flash didn’t work on most smart phones either. It was just release on iPhones in the past couple of weeks. I’d look hard at moving the MAJORITY of your site away from flash, and just add flash elements.


yes my site is fully flash, but do have all the keywords in the html setup so the search engines do get it.

as far as mobil phones picking it up, it does work on a Windows based PDA phone but not on a Smartphone… we dont do on-line ordering yet so it’s not that big of an issue with us right now.

In the future maybe.

Scott, your last name scares me.

I just started this over the weekend. I’m not open for 2 months but am doing focus groups this weekend. We had a festival and I set up a booth with an e-mail sign-up sheet. I got about 150 signatures. I looked around and found a product for my mac (there is also a win version) called MaxBulk Mailer. It was only $50.00 and worked flawlessly. It lets you set how many e-mails go out at one time and the interval in between. This is important to make sure your ISP doesn’t flag you unless you have your own mail server. It also allows you to set the header to only show 1 recipient (so you’re not sharing customer info with other customers).

As far as a “news letter”, I highly recommend you send out a plain text e-mail. HTML e-mails or e-mails with imbedded images are far more likely to be flagged as spam. I’m not a marketing expert, but IMO, you should also make the e-mail as short as possible. If you’re sending out a coupon just get right to it. When I get lengthy e-mails from businesses, I tend to read the first line and then delete it. If your’e giving away a free appetizer, I bet you double your redemption rate by putting “Free Appetizer at XYZ pizza” than if you put “XYZ Monthly Newsletter”. Just a few thoughts…

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