Anyone try Pucks store brand pizza?

I noticed a new line of Pucks pizzas in the local grocer and they were on sale, for 4 bucks so I thought I could give them a try.

I bot the pesto pizza and MAN was it good. I have eaten fresh pesto pizzas hand made and this is as good or better than any I have purchased for 2-3 times the ammt.

Anyone know what he/they do to the crust to make it so awesome? I cannot remember the last time I actually enjoyed the crust as much or more than the pizza middle.

I believe Kraft makes his pizza, but not sure…

Much progress has been made in frozen dough/pizza production…its amazing what you can do w/$$$

Wolfgang Puck partnered with the Schwan Consumer Foods Company last September to make the gourmet Puck pizzas. Schwan is a privately owned multibillion dollar company that also makes the Red Baron, Freschetta and Tony’s pizzas. If you go to the Schwan website at theschwanfoodcompany(dot)com, there is a press release on the new gourmet pizzas. Apparently the doughs are hand shaped and dressed, using natural ingredients. I saw some of the new pizzas in the supermarket this morning, and the doughs are made using organic flour. Plus many other high quality ingredients (including uncured pepperoni for the pepperoni pizza).

Wolfgang Puck is not even fit to hold my jock!

haha Bobby flay.

I love things like organic flour. Isn’t ALL flour organic? Is it made from free-range wheat or what?

no its obviously not!!! ever heard of pesticides? I bet most wheat has been sprayed with a number of sprays and fed with a number of fertilizers!