Anyone use a dough press?

Hey all,

I’m opening up my restaurant soon and I’m looking for the fastest and most efficient way to get a standard 18" pizza. Most important to me is consistency. Also, I’m attached to a new concert venue that seats between 1800-3000 people a show and I’m the only quick grab-and-go food game in 5 square blocks.

Anyone have experience with or reviews/recommendations on A) the use of a dough press or B) a model that they’ve had success with.

Thank you!


I have a doughpro 600 for sale if you decide that is the direction you want to go

Check out the Univex dough spinner on the Pizza TV link on the PMQ homepage. The video is under the vendor video section once you open the Pizza TV page. Looks interesting and no heat is used.

Does anybody have one of those spinners? Really cool stuff.

I have a press that I use at home and have been practicing with. I can make a pretty nice crust with mine, it takes an extra 30 seconds of work after you press it. I use my thumb and slightly push up the edges as I form it on the pizza screen.

30 seconds more, lol only takes me a minute to make a plain cheese pizza, strech, sauce and cheese…

When I first started off I thought about going with a dough press and than I started practicing tossing dough and you do not save anytime, once you learn to toss, its easy…

You are absolutely right, I however have no interest in being the one making all the pizzas, I am hiring people so I need it as easy as possible. I can have someone trained in pizza making in 15 minute with a press. The less dependent you are on skilled labor the easier it is to hire, set salary and fire.