Anyone use a dough sheeter/roller?

I am trying out a Somerset dough sheeter. I works well, but I find the finished crust to be a little tough. I am aware that it expels more air than if pressed out by hand. We make a 16" thin NY pizza off the peel, into Blodgett deck ovens. I tried having the sheeter open the dough to 14" then finish by hand, and also 9" but that does not save much time or skill. Our dough is about 60% hydration. Anyone have any luck using a sheeter? Any tips??


We have been using sheeters for over 40yrs. They work great especially for a thin crust or bar pie but it depends on the finished product you are trying to achieve. We recently purchased a Cuppone Pizza Press and plan on using it in our new store. It produces a totally different product more like a NY style hand tossed that we prefer over the sheeter. We are also at the same hydration.

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Iā€™d have the stretcher stretch a little less,maybe to about a 12".

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I thought dough rollers were only used for 40% hydration and then put in a sheeter pan ala(Pizza hut thin&crispy)

Like famousperry said, you should look into a heated press.

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