Anyone use a greaseless fryer?

I have expanded our menu to include some BBQ items. Sales are fantastic but customers are really wanting french fries as a side. I would really like to stay away from a conventional fryer. Would love some input from anyone who uses greaseless fryers!

I have one Trakair. Nice to have when multiple orders come in, I also have a tabletop fryer. Thinking of just getting ride of the greaseless fryer becuase we use the tabletop more than anything. I usually dont keep the greaseless fryer running, just turn on when an order comes in, usually only takes about 20 minutes to cook anything in it.

Do you keep your tabletop fryer running all day and does it have to be under the hood?

No I keep the temp down to about 200, and when orders come in I crank it up, literally only takes minutes to heat up to temp & technically yes your suppose to keep under the hood. I clean the oil daily with a small 1/2 cup metal strainer, strain thru a filter once or twice weekly & change oil usually on Friday mornings

Why do you use the tabletop fryer more? Does the greaseless fryer not work as well?

The greaseless fryer works great, bought brand new last yr, my employees just got use to using the tabletop. I was looking into selling the greaseless fryer. My only complaint on the greaseless is that once turned on there is no temp dial to set, it automatically heats up to certain temp and stays there, my old greaseless fryer had a dial to set temp to, so I would turn on in the morning and when orders came in turned temp up