anyone use a univex DR42 rounder?

We make about 400-500 balls a day and cutting and balling is the slowest part

at our volume would this machine make us any quicker? My dough maker spends about 5-6 hours a day making dough

thanks guys … NIDR14.JPG

My brother bought one to try out because the price was right on Ebay for a used one. He used it for one day and found that it couldn’t come close to keeping up with someone cutting the dough, especially the smaller sizes which might have to be run through the machine twice to be rounder well. My suggestion is to buy an A and M MFG rounder as they have worked great for us over the years. Our stores mix 100Lbs of flour at a time and with two people we can cut, round and tray a batch of dough in 10 minutes with the A and M R-900T.

I have three univex dr-42’s in my slower stores and the machine does fine up to about 300 balls a day. In our busier stores we use the AM Manufacturing R-900’s and I highly recommend the R-900 for higher volumes. Both machines have been very reliable, are easy to keep clean and have paid for themselves over and over from the labor savings and how about those nice tight consistent dough balls.