Anyone use Cheesesteak "pucks"?

I am using a cheesesteak pucks from a national distributor label. Prsumably it is relabelled Advance Steak-Eze product, but I am still confirming that info. Anyhooo I have noticed the last 2 to 3 weeks that the product has significantly changed. What used to be a tender sirloin product, probably top sirloin, that is clearly a choice grade . . . has been coming in really looking poor, and performing even worse. I cannot get any color except gray, not browing, and the flavor is not at all pleasant to me, having tones similar to kidney or liver. I wouod SWEAR this is actually round, or coming from really old carcasses, like not even select grade.

I have asked for information from the distributor about possibly having a production contract change . . . or if the supplier has changed their product at the front end. I am not excited to be paying the same price for product that is far below what my customers have come to expect. I may need to track down a place that sells SteakEze proper, and see what their pricing is.

I’ve been using Original Philly brand from Restaurant Depot - been quite happy…

If you can get product from Bari Foods, they process their own…

what vendor have you been getting them from?


Like Patriot’s Pizza said, give Paperella (Bari) a call. I use their sliced ribeye and sirloin and have been very satisfied. Occaionally you get a batch with some gristle big enough you feel the need to pick it out, but that is the exception not the rule. Our most popular sandwiches are the steak ones so the customers must like it.


Stanger still . . . I got the case in today with my order, and the product is what have come to expect when it is good. I hope it was one production run that was “off” quality control. I will seek out alternatives in case this “correction” is the actual oddity.

As for Bari/Papparella, I appreciatethe tip . . . but can’t make it work right now to do business with them right now. they will come to delivery only On Thursdays, and I have to have my order to them by Monday 2pm. three days before I need the food is too much risk for me . . . too far away to expect attention if I have a surprise need. I will still ask them . . . and Roma foods . . .and PFG Milton. Find out my options.

Did you get a credit for the steaks? I had 20 cs of chicken fingers that would just burn, never brown. The company that produced the product was called & they gave me a 30 cs credit with my supplier. They had a problem with one batch. I would give it a try.What