Anyone use Dri-Pie to keep the liquids from getting...

Has anyone used this new Dri-Pie advert. I see in the corner of this site?

I’m having trouble with my Pan pizzas, when people order it with any type of Veggies, it leaks and soaks the boxes and makes the crusts extremely soggy.

I was thinking of just getting another slab of cardboard to put on the bottom.

Yes, we use them. Our shop serves a pan pizza also, and once in a while we had the same problem. The manufacturer will send you some samples to try out. We did that and had some customers let us know what they thought. They were extremely pleased with the difference, even those who had not complained about soggy crust. For those long deliveries, Dri-pie really pays for itself. And since we started using them, we have had ZERO complaints about soggy crust. Expensive, but for us, worth it!

if you decide to use them, ask if the shipping is still free with your first order, it saved me a nice chunk of change.

Tom R

I have read multiple times that Dripie is nothing but Japanese bread crumbs(not that I know what these are) but you may be able to save some $$$ not buying the branded product.

Tom, what kind of price are you getting them for ea.? And are you only putting them in boxes that go more then “x” minutes, or every box?

Paul, Jap bread crumbs?
anyway, have you seen non-branded versions of this out there? This is the first i’m seeing of anything like it.

Paul, Your thinking of Pizza Krisp. Your right about that. Drie Pie is a liner that goes in bottom of box. I don’t use it but am thinking about it.

Yep sorry about that, I am thinking of Pizza Krisp.

They about 16 cents for the 12 inch, with shipping I pay about 21 cents. I’m on the west coast, so I get hit the hardest for shipping. I do use them in all boxes. There are other currogated cardboard products out there, but no one would sell direct to me, and none of my suppliers carry anything.
Tom R

Sam & Paul, are you reffering to “krisp-it”? I wase’nt able to find anything on “pizza crisp”.

Tom, dosent seem to bad of a price… but how much liquid does it soak-up? When I have people order a pan with Mushrooms, onions, Green peppers ect… about 3 minutes after i cut it, it seems like a cup of water has spilled in the box! :oops:


The dri-pie is a plastic screen. It keeps the crust off the bottom of the box, so the moisture is still going to collect on the bottom. When we prep the food bar, we strain the heck out of our veggies and use those little spacers in the trays that keep the veggies suspended above the bottom of the tray. That seems to cut down on the problem also.
Tom R

i’m in the same boat as you tom…i’m near las vegas, and the shipping is way far out the wazoo for these. we must like the punishment because we keep buying them. its really too bad that they cant find a distributor somewhere in the west so it wouldnt be so much $$$

We are slowly leaving behind the paper circle. We tried Dri Pie and a thinner pizza net called Pizza Screen (google it). Latter less expensive by a lot, and virtually no difference between Dri and Screen. Makes big diffrence on pan pizzas and thin crusts.

Thanks Joe, I’ll check it out

Yeah Tyson, being a newer product, they don’t seem to be pushing it out west at all.

joe, could you throw me a link to the people that make this, or maybe its brand name? i tried google’ing that, and all i’m getting is regular pizza screens (aluminum)


the only thing that comes up using “Pizza Screen” are the usual metal screens most of us cook the pizza on.

Do you have a direct link or a company name?

I tslked to these people at one point in time

They have the same type of product for quite a bit less $$ but shipping to Canada was off the map.

do you remember which of the materials on that site you were looking at? looks like there’s alot to choose from

I called and they knew exactly what I was looking for.

i guess i have my work cut out for me then…haha

thanks for the tip!

I tried the and found DriPie to be cheaper and shipping was a lot quicker