Anyone Use EDDM

I love the thought of doing EDDM. Never done it. I have a guy in bangladesh that does my menus for $20(through Fiver) plus tip. I have a local printer that will printout 10,000 6 1/2x9 black and white menus for $1000. The USPS will send them out for me @ .187 cents per house. Thats .28 cents per house. All good, but will the postal worker really put them in the mailbox.

There is no adress on them, so they could just throw them in the dumpster. Anyone ever have a good experence with EDDM

Using EDDM through the post office we had nothing but headaches, depending on the post office. Some wanted nothing to do with it or told us the size was wrong, weight was wrong, whatever (these even had prepaid postage on them already!) I’d suggest a company like Mailshark, we’ve used them for years but I know there are some competitors as well.

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I love Mailshark. I was just trying to save 17cents

the things you said are kind of what I assumed were going to be a problem

Ive used it, I had the same worries as you did in regards to the mail carrier just dumping them in a dumpster somewhere. But they didn’t and it actually does work really well.

I had to pick a route, then print off the slip things that I had to include in each bundle of 100.

So say you picked a route that had 1400 addresses on it, you would print 14 slips, and each bundle of 100 menus you were put one slip saying 1 of 14, 2 of 14, etc.
Once you got the hang of it its pretty easy.

I havent done it since 2018 so it may have changed

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I use the Grande program. Of course, you have to use Grande cheese to use the program, but it’s worth it. I have (several times) priced out doing it either myself or through another provider. Despite Grande cheese being more expensive, the savings on the mailers outweighs the expense of the cheese.

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What is the grande program?

Grande mimics an EDDM mailing, but actually addresses each item, which increases the likelihood that the postman will actually deliver it. They do graphic design (for a reasonable fee), printing, scheduling, mailing, the whole 9 yards, and they do it for (the last time I computed it) the same cost it would be for me to personally do it myself, but I don’t have to do any of the work.


Used EDDM for several years 6.5 x 9 double sided prints worked best for us. But with the costs of printing and postage up I transitioned away in 2019. I think .30 a house is too high. Text message marketing has been very effective for us and it’s costing me .02 per sms

How many are pissed that you text them?

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None they can opt out anytime and my list has grown to 25k subscribers in the four years I have been doing it. Customers only receive one text from me every two weeks

I have used EDDM in the past and it’s a waste of money! I opened my pizzeria shop in 2020 making $0 the first day to now making $30k 6 days open (50k population)using mailshark! You just have to be Consistent with the mailing.

your first statement and second statement are in contradiction of one another since mailshark is simply eddm that doesn’t require you to go to the post office yourself.

How much do you net?

5-6k a week I work about 60hours

Nice. I guess the juice is worth the squeez. I do about $6500, open 35 hours work maybe 50. clear $1500.

Why do you think EDDM did not work for you?

Honestly it was a task that was one of my not so favorite ones to do. Therefore I was inconsistent on bringing them to the post office, it was just a long unnecessary process, and would rather pay the extra 10-15 cents extra just to not deal with the headache. Mailshark is extremely on point and make it so easy!

I could see that. I used Mailshark 52 week plan 2 times. they are a great company. I would like to save the 17 cents though.
I would also like to the ability to stop marketing when sales are more than I can handle or double it when needed, but mailshark wants to lock you into a 1 year plan.
I just want everyone in my area to have a current menu. but not worry about mail carriers putting them in the dumpster.

We use EDDM. Mail 1-3 routes per week. Have been doing this for 12 years. Just got 50k menus delivered last week from Mail Shark and we bundle them ourselves (weigh them) and drop off at the post office. Has worked for us and we continue to do it.
I want / need to add more online / SEO / google advertising, will probably do that this year. We also do some text marketing. Do not have a huge list though.