Anyone use Magicjack for CC processing?

Anyone using Magicjack for their cc processing line. wondering if there were any PCI compliance issues associated with the magicjack setup? was thinking about using for fax and processing. the new type that you use without a pc…just plugs into wall and your cable modem.

If you have a cable modem why dont you process using that it would seem to me its much faster that way.

If you have wifi…buy an old iTouch (2nd gen is works…$10/$20)…then get a free Square reader…best deal going!

I was going to do the same thing with magicjack but for whatever reason it would not work. Works great for another business line though.

I use the Obi (better then magic jack in my opinoin) and it DOES work with fax machines, while the magic jack does not. Because a credit card machine transmitts data like a fax machine does, it should work with an Obi.

I’ve had my Obi for the past 3 months and it works perfectly.
I’ve got the 202 version, 1 goes to the phone line and the other to the fax.

Even with OBi you need an Internet connection…

Who is processing your credit cards now? Do they not have a solution?

Or are you just seeking a 2nd line?

I’ve been without a land line for many years, relying solely on VOIP…