anyone use

Does anyone use this system? thoughts?

It’s a one terminal solution so that kills it for me…

Any new info on this?

The version out now (can’t speak for previous versions) isn’t single terminal. They start charging past 2 or 3 terminals, but the fee seems quite reasonable. The question though is whether it’s any good.

This is a very basic system and might work for some. You will find that there are a few different companies that are similar in (free) pricing and features. The companies either make there money off of the credit card processing or selling their head quarter modules or other highly overpriced additional hardware and services. Typically the POS is of very basic in nature. Which might be acceptable for a basic store that doesn’t handle deliveries half and half pizzas or any one of the hundred other things that “Pizza POS systems” need to do. There are some really well written Pizza POS buyers guides out there that can help determine what features and such that you may need to consider in evaluating a POS system. So as everything that’s free in life do your research to make sure it is a good fit for the long term of your business.