anyone use mymenu plus?

Ive been toying with the idea for some time now…
its an online ordering system… similar to what dominos and pappa johns is doing.
customers come to your site… and place an order… they can pay and everything.

what really got me was i can now have the ability to track and market to customers directly… without throwing mailings against the wall and hoping the stick.

i think im gonna pull the trigger…i dont have an online presence, so for the price and ability to do everything they offer it seems like a deal.

just wanted to know if anyone use them before?

what does it cost ?

they’re gonna set me up with everything…
online store front, software to accept orders online, hosting, support, unlimited menu options…ect. tons more…

its 595 for all the above…
then 199 a month… no contract or anything…

ive been researching for a while… most companies our there do not look and act as professional… and majority are either middle men or take a cut of the rev.

$199 a month afterwards seems a little high… There are companies out there that charge around $50 a month…
Have you taken a look at other ones?

yea i have…
the company that runs mmp have a great track record for other small biz solutions…
so that came into play as well…
sometimes its worth it to pay a little extra to make sure its done right …and everything runs efficiently.

trust me ive looked into them all.

are they building you a web site for that. It seems from what I read that they are building and than hosting your site. What about CC processing does that run though your current provider ?

Do you have a POS system? If yes, do they offer an online ordering system?

It costs me $1200 a year to have my online system and that is integrated with the POS system.

Yours is going to cost you $2400 a year…

I agree, seems a bit expensive. My POS offers integrated online ordering for $1200 a year as well.

may i ask how the system works with your POS?
also, do you have a link to you site i can check it out?


There’s something I can add to this discussion. Up-to-date online ordering solutions are easily integrated both with restaurants’ POS and web-sites. Concerning online ordering process, POS interface is very convenient to use: orders are sent directly to your POS software (which guarantees order intake accuracy). Then, as the payment is made automatically trough POS system, there’s less human error. In general terms, the process can be described like this: a customer makes an order through your web-site, the data goes to your POS and an order itself goes directly to the kitchen. Online ordering integration typically pays for itself with a few orders per month.

Up-to-date ordering systems are usually integrated at ease with any POS as long as they have API, including HSI Profit Series, ParTech SIVA.

I hope this was helpful somehow