Anyone use Roma?

Hey guys,
I’ve had a guy from Roma coming around trying to get an account from us. They carry a lot of our preffered products, and the price sheet he dropped off today was impressive. Does anyone have anything good, bad or indifferent to say about Roma? Right now we only buy from Mcdonalds Wholesalers, and Cash & Carry. The only
Tom R

roma is good just keep an eye on your invoices they like to change prices

We’ve used them for the 7 weeks we’ve been open. They do tend to change prices and do subsititute products - sometime for almost twice the price. The quality is good but you do need to watch the invoice and it’s a good idea to ask the current price when you’re placing the order.

I’ve used Roma for 3 years, quality products, great prices, excellent service.

All they do is sell to Italian restaurants, it’s their expertise.

I used them years ago, and I have to say I had price swings as well. They were great on customer service though.

Used them 9 yrs ago for about a year. We had just opened & I was clueless. After a year I dumped them, quality stuff but their pricing was poor and they did sub lesser brands at same price. Been using Cremosa(east coast) for about 4 or 5 years, good pricing/service, quality similar.

We by from Roma and have been for about 5 weeks. Their pricing is good and the service seems to be very good. Most of the products we get are of good quality. I would give them a try. You can always drop them if you’re not pleased. :smiley:

Thanks guys for the input. I have a meeting set up with the guy on Monday, I figured he may be chopping the prices to get my attention. I’ll keep the door open with my other supplier and see what happens.
Tom R