Anyone use those disc things in a deck oven?

Should be opening in a few weeks and now looking for pans.Have been reading a little bit about disc.What would be the reasons for one or the other.
Also I can’t seem to find pans anywhere.I went to llyods etc, and all eveyone has are the flat smooth ones.Mine were really rough looking not smooth.
Any ideas where to find these?

A lot of people swear by the disc but I don’t get it. When I opened I went to my restaurant supply store and bought a disc, a screen, and a pan. I tested each with identical pizzas. I found that the screens worked best in my oven. Naturally I was happy with this result since screens are $2-3 each and discs are around $10. That little experiment saved me a couple thousand bucks from buying what people say is the best.

But it all depends on your ovens. I use a Lincoln Impinger X2 32 x 60 bake chamber. But if you’re using deck ovens pans will likely work best.

I’ll be using Bakers y602’s

Anyone else have any feedback?

Here’s my local restaurant supply store:

I bought a disk to test with too, and although it seemed to perform as well as the screen, I don’t know if it is still worth 4 times the price. It did seem harder to get out of the oven using my peel as well. I don’t know why honestly though.

The other problem with discs is that they retain their heat much longer when pulled out of the oven than a screen. If you are constantly pulling them out of the oven and stacking on top of each other, they don’t seem to ever cool down.

coefficient of friction, I’d bet. The discs are designed to reduce food stickage, so they ‘stick’ to the peel less as well.

For all their faults and shortcomings, those good old, charred, scuffed, scratched, dinged aluminum screens are almost magnetized to the peel, aren’t they? I really want to use the ‘grown-up’ discs, but can’t seem to pull the trigger yet :frowning: I’ll get a pizza oven upgrade first, then the uber-priced discs.

the disk will out last the screen by many yrs…easier to clean & no need 2 season…you’ll need a metal spat/peel to get it out of the oven easier than a wooden peel…

one advantage I believe is you can pre-skin a # of pies on the disk or screen, rather than use a # of peels (but I believe CalKit use peels to stage)…

screens have a greater tendency to “stick” especially if you get to many skins prepared in advance…(think 150 pies )

I used to use the beat up old pans and since I can’t seen to find any of them anywhere.What would you reccomend starting out with?Should I just get my ovens first and then try both?
Being so green going into this(it’s been 10+ yrs) It’s just the little things that have me stressed.

I used a pizza pan (disk) until it actually wore through on the bottom edge. The edge was actually seperating from the bottom from scraping the stone hearth so much.

I got my $10 out of that baby!

Now that I actually think about, I think it has something to do with the way the rim of the screen is made. Since it is “wrapped” around the actual screen it creates a little bit of a bevel. The disk’s edge is fairly flat, with no bevel. So my metal peel just basically head butts it back into the oven. Blah.