Anyone using a Bulk Email sender for your website?

Hello all,

I’ve got my full flash site up and running but wanted to throw on a subscription section like many of you already have.

My question is, do you use Outlook for your Bulk email program or some other type of software? I’d found how-to’s for using Outlook but no info on having it sent directly from the website to Outlook. I’d also like to give the recipient the opt-out feature and have the program do it automatically so that I don’t have to sift through hundreds (hopefully) of emails removing people from the list.

Any help would be appreciated!

I just signed up for Mailchimp last month and it’s brilliant. Free if you’re sending out less than 500 emails a month. The next level cost $30.00. It has all the features you listed - from making the HTML for the signup form to offering a link to unsubscribe on every e-mail. And being able to track the open and click through rates for each campaign is pretty cool too.