Anyone using a wood-fired oven?? I plan to

Since nobody responded to my intro post, I figured I would ask the wood-fired question here.

I am in the process of deciding between the Forno-Bravo oven, or the Woodstone firedeck series.
I am liking the woodstone ovens because they are dual-fuel (wood and gas, or by their own) and the also offer a gas infrared burner under the deck to keep the floor heat up so rotating spots is kept to a minimum
Since I cannot be at the restaurant every hour of ever day, I am really liking the ability for the gas flame to keep the heat levels correct, and the wood-fire to add the the ambience but not be fully dependent on it. They are both direct-vented units so my exhaust hood can be used for my other equipment.

I plan using an “open-Kitchen” concept so the patrons in the dining room have full view of the kitchen and their food being made along with the pies being slid into and out of the oven.
Anyone else use this concept of an open-kitchen?

I will be leasing a building with the option to buy, it was a specialty bakery for many years until the owners retired, It already has walk-in coolers & freezers, and 2 very very old Hobat planetary mixers come with the deal these mixers are circa 1930-1935, and I plan on having them viewable to the customers as a decoration only, they do work, but the last service on them was 10 years ago, parts are unavailable and there is only 1 technician in my area that is capable of working on them. The look neat, but that s all they are at this point is Decor.
A refurb 60QT will run me about $7K

Lease or purchase? what do you guys prefer?

Thanks in adavance for your replies