Anyone using fivestars or belly or other rewards card stuff

Talked to a guy today about rewards cards. They track your customer and you can harass them… i mean text them new deals etc to try to get them to come back into the store. Does anyone use these companies. Do your customers every complain about giving out their phone number, getting texts they really don’t want, etc.? They gave me statistics but it seemed like really fuzzy math. There is no real way of knowing if the customer who came back 60 days later would have come back with or without the pestering text messages?

Any advice appreciated.


I absolutely despise that type of marketing, and as such will never do it. But from what i have seen, yes it is extremely fuzzy math on what they claim. And there is no good way to tell if the customer was coming back already or if the text message got them to come back.

The only way to know for certain would be to ask them when they ordered… which i imagine any/all of your customers would get annoyed with the question.