Anyone using

Anyone using this? Seems like Silicon Valley has found a profitable niche with us…As mentioned by many in several other posts I a looking to reduce / deflect incoming calls for orders: I am doing 70-80% large pepperoni ordering 1 or 2 and repeat customers, short-staffed and high labor costs, still using point of success at one location.

I use PIzza Cloud for my VOIP. They are currently beta testing AI assisted ordering. I talked with them about a month ago and yet to followup.You may call them.

From what we’ve been told, Pizza Cloud is still 12-16mos out on this. (PC, correct me if i’m wrong) They’re currently doing R&D for a large national chain that starts with a D. Let them pay for the backend work to perfect this, then we swoop and scoop the tech once it’s beyond BETA. I would bet that anything available at this point will turn out to be junk, so be patient. We use their phone systems in every store and they’re second to none in my opinion.