Anyone using Grande cheese?

Good company? Good product?

Going 8 years strong with Grande. Very expensive but you can taste the difference.

You definitely can taste the difference.

They also treat you good.

ditto the above comments on Grande cheese,
your customers will tell a difference,

I was using Grande a while back and then switched to Lugano (made by Saputo). For a couple of months I still had my Grande posters up. It was funny because many customers were telling me how much they loved Grande cheese and that they were glad that I used it. My customers didn’t even know I switched! It is really hard to tell the two apart. I did many taste tests before I switched. Dragone (which is also made by Saputo) is very similar in taste and texture to Grande as well. Don’t get me wrong, Grande is a great cheese but overpriced.

how much cheaper is the alternative??


You can mix the grande with another cheese. Grande not only tastes better, but it melts better which makes up for some of the money you loose per pound. it also doesnt dry out to fast…try going 50/50 with grande whole milk and something else part skim…it will probbaly give you great results

I paid 2.43/lb. on my last delivery on the 19th. I buy whole milk shredded. I prefer diced but my supplier quit carrying it.

Excellent company, excellent product…

  1. Very expensive. If I had to do it again, I would cut whole milk mozzarella with another brand. Whole milk alone can make a very greasy pizza, and because I use only Grande, I’m also at their mercy for pricing.

  2. DEFINATELY USE DICED IF AVAILABLE. It may be more expensive, but its much cleaner to measure, saving precious ounces on every pizza.

  3. Grande provides excellent marketing materials for customers using only Grande Cheese. (If you cut your cheese with another brand, those may not be available…and in most cities, Grande visits each store regularly to check)

i’ve said this before about grande… it is not the cheese you want to use if you are doing primarily delivery. i used to use it but switched because in delivery situations it gets tough as it cools slightly during transport. it is a great cheese to be eaten right out of the oven, in your dining room… not on delivered pizza. there are several other options that not only travel better, but are quite a bit cheaper, such as lugano, empire, or some of your distributors house brand if it is a wisconsin cheese.

Interesting comment here…I have been using Sorrento whole milk italian blend shredded…kind of want to go with diced now for portion control…but not sure…


Im in ny and grande is 2.82 per/lb…who are you buying from?

I use only Grande’ PS diced. I always used Grande, and the company is great for the 100% program. If you use them exclusively, they provide you with all kinds of Items for marketing and also suggestions. They are the only company I know who will provide you with measuring cups and suggest portioning the cheese so you can get a consistent amount. My Grande rep Larry Fumi made the suggestion to me years ago, and I actually shaved an average of 65 pounds of cheese a week per store doing this. They are more expensive than almost all other comparable products, but the quality truly is there. As a matter of fact, I got a shipment of Halloween marketing items from them today for Promo’s for FREE, just cause we are a 100%. Kids placemats with coloring and crosswords with Halloween themes, the temporary tatoo’s for kids, plus flyers and stickers to be used as a box topper. I have saved on promo stuff because Grande’ provides me with the flyer with a beautiful pic of a pizza(they got their name on it also) and I got a local print shop to make up a BIG stamp and I just stamp whatever I am pushing onto the flyer, and have my kids use the Grande’ stickers and attach it to the box. How much easier is it than that.

I got it coming tomorrow at 88.22 for 30 lb PS diced here in florida