Anyone using HRH for their Insurance needs? If not then who?

Anyone have any knowledge of them or a similar company offering business insurance for our type of business?


HRH is one of several agents for Fireman’s Fund- the biggest writer of Hired and non-owned. HRH is great- Fireman’s prohibits their agents from competing- so another agent for Fireman’s can’t write for an existing fireman’s customer. I don’t recall the names of other agents- there are more- it will be that same Fireman’s policy at the same price. Good luck.

I’ve been with HRH for 3 years now and am very happy. It was BY FAR the lowest non-owned auto policy I found. My GL, Alcohol and non-owned combined comes in at about $3,200 per year. Before I found HRH I was paying over $5,000 just for my non-owned auto.

Good stuff! Thanks guys