Anyone using Leprino like Pizza Hut?

I found this interesting article.

[size=5]Silicone–Based Chemical in Pizza Hut’s Cheese
by John Bunting
Last month, The Milkweed detailed how Pizza Hut restaurants illegally claim to use “Mozzarella” cheese on certain menu items, when in fact, Pizza Hut’s salt, starch and water-laden “Pizza Cheese” does not conform to FDA standards of identity for Mozzarella.

In this issue, writer John Bunting details how Pizza Hut’s cheese supplier—Leprino Foods— uses a silicone-based industrial chemical in the patented manufacturing of “Pizza Cheese.” That chemical — Polymethylsiloxane — has no FDA approval for use as a food ingredient. Polymethylsiloxane is sold by Dow-Corning as “Antifoam FG 10”. THIS MATERIAL IS APPROVED BY FDA FOR USE IN FOOD PLANTS ONLY AS AN ANTI-FOAMING AGENT FOR BOILER WATER.

In its patented manufacturing process, Leprino Foods liberally sprays Polydimethylsiloxane on “cheese granules”. Leprino’s “Pizza Cheese” supplied to Pizza Huts contains about 900 parts per million of Polymethylsiloxane: 90 times higher residue concentration than FDA allows when Polymethylsiloxane is used as a boiler water antifoaming agent.

That explains why I can only eat pizza hut when I am in close proximity to a toilet! I think dominoes and papa johns use leprino cheese as well and the last time I had dominos I had a close call!

Anyone else thinking about posting this in there store somewhere?

Crusher I would think twice about posting this article…Newspapers have good “liable” and “slander” insurance in case they are wrong…If only a small part of the article is wrong and you post it, you could find Pizza Hut lawyers at your front door…Sorry to say it, but your liability insurance likely will not give you the same level of protection as a media outlet and even if it does your deductible may apply…

Is PMQ at risk for having this article posted for others to see? I think that if is printed in a paper and then found to be wrong, I wouldn’t have any liability to it, the paper would be responsible. If what you say is true, Dewar could be sued for posting it here. That would also mean that every news article that is ever posted anywhere is subject to such lawsuits. I think the blogging community would have been shut down by now if this is true.

Crusher I never said you would be found liable…The bigger problem is the cost of defending yourself…It costs a lot of money to “win”…For me it is just a good “risk management” stategy to not put yourself in the line of fire with someone who has bigger guns than you…

Just a thought… for me my customers would not be Domino’s Pizza Hut Papa Johns customers anyway. It may be better to turn this around and instead of saying XYZ’s cheese is fake, put something up praising your ingredients? Our cheese is among the highest quality all natural cheese straight from the cheese state of Wisconsin or something :slight_smile: