Anyone Using PC America's 'Restaurant Pro Express' ?

A friend of mine & and a fellow pizzeria owner was telling me about how he just got his POS system from Dell and that it comes with PC America’s software RPE. I was thinking of maybe talking to the guys at Dell Small Business and see if I could get a similar product at my store.

RPE has all the usual functions for running a pizzeria/fast food, but what about customer database? Anyone ever use this software? If so, how is it working out?


Portland, OR.

I bought PC America’s RPE software, horrible company and messed up out-dated software.
-No delivery tracking
-No customer address labels
-No customer directions/maping
-Tech support for only 90 days, after that you pay $300 per year/terminal and are allowed only 10 calls.

Don’t purchase their software, not designed for Pizza industry!