Anyone using Point Of Success in a Bar/Tavern setting?

Any of you PointOfSuccess guys using it for a bar/tavern type setting? We are primarily a Tavern with food and we are probably going to start out with hand written tickets and a basic electronic cash register but we’ve also considered “POS” systems, i.e., Micros, Aloha and PointOfSuccess. Micros is the one we’ve wanted for the bar but I’ve tried the Point Of Success trial demo and its pretty cool. I wasnt sure if any PointOfSuccess users had a Bar area and were using it for more of a Tavern use, rather than typical restaurant or delivery use? We’re gonna have 10-15 “tabs” running at most times plus need to address table seating dining and food orders printing to a kitchen for the whole place AND delivery… including delivery of beer and wine.

We’re a “Family Pub” type concept. Our “bar” focus is on 8 drafts and 28 bottles of craft/micro brews, plus 8 local wines. Our beer selection can change weekly with new selections coming available all the time we want to try. Setting up new “buttons” is no problem. We use P.O.S. with zero issues. We give the user a first choice button of “draft” or “bottle” with our beers, then each of the beer selections has it’s own button once that selection is made. Tabs are kept, though we don’t see a huge use of them, simply by selecting an open ticket to “view” then “edit” adding the additional product. We keep track of each ticket with a bar stool/table designation that’s quick to set up, and also have the option of tracking with a customer name. Easy.

As we’re also serving everything from our pizza to steaks and pastas, we’ve set it up so all the beverage tickets print only at the bar station. Before that, every ticket would print in the kitchen and it didn’t take more than 3 of those to realize that was just plain stupid of me!

Sounds like it could be pretty friendly. We just got our first quote from Micros for about $4500 for one system including all the licensing and kitchen printer. He estimated around $7000 for 2 stations. As much as I want to get it, it’s just SO expensive. My partner also expressed interest in Aloha but it’s comparable in price to Micros I believe. I might have to do the demo on a touch screen and try it out. Thanks!

Hey Rich,

You should really look into Aldelo for Restuarants. It can give you all the features you want for the Tavern, plus the Pizza builder is included.

Thanks, we’ll check it out :slight_smile:

Please check out FreePOS from Positive Feedback Software - it’ll save you quite a few $$ss and provide the same features you’ll appreciate.