Anyone using Polly O mozzarella?

Hello All,

Jusy wondering if any of you out there use Polly O mozzarella. I tried some of their low moisture diced mozzarella cheese on my pizzas and it really seemed like a great cheese. It melted great and covered the pizza very well for the amount of cheese I used. Im not a big fan of Grande, not because its a bad product, but because it’s so widely used by other pizza shops in my area. I like to be a little different and have a product that isn’t like everyone else’s. Not a big question, just looking for all your input since the Polly O is pretty pricey…similar to Grande’s price.


We tested Polly-O and liked the product… much as we have liked the other products we currently use… but that price the same as Grande thing… well, that’s the deal killer.

An extra 50 cent per pizza is not justified.

I could not agree more . It is a great product but not worth the extra cost.