Anyone Using Rewards on their POS?

If so, how are you setting it up? One dollar = how many points? How many points do they need to accumulate before they get what? Does the rewards start over after something is rewarded or does it build towards greater or different discounts? Percentage return discount?

Do you give out loyalty cards or just use their phone number or some other reference? What happens if they call back and say they forgot to put it on their reward profile?

Do the rewards have expiration dates?

I was thinking something along the lines of 5% back in credit 30 or 60 days after the purchase. The 5% credit just keeps building until they redeem it.

I have my POS programed to give away items every 10th order anything from free bread sticks, 2L pop cheese bread, etc. I change it up every few months to keep it different. I dont do $$$ off as there is more percieved value if I say FREE… The POS system keeps track of everything and resets after the 10th order.

Which POS do you have that allows you to do this?

I use speedline solutions

What I don’t like about this approach is that it treats all customers the same. The guy that just buys a bag of chips every week is rewarded the same as the guy who spends $500 every week although your “higher perceived value” I like. I’m initially drawn to the Best Buy approach of getting 5% back after 60 days because:

There’s no way it discounts anything on the spot.
It offers an incentive to come in if they hadn’t been in a while.
Everyone is rewarded according to how they spend.

We use Firefly but most POS’s I have ever looked at have the same program at least as an option.

Yes you are absolutly right everybody does get the same no mater what they spend and that was something I thought about when we did this. But when I look over my reports I dont have alot of orders under 25.00 from people that call in for pick up or delivery in fact my avg order is 27.61 for delivery and 30.80 for pick up the small orders are usually the people that come in at lunch but we only reward the pick up and delivery that are phoned in because those ones are tracked by the telephone number. If someone comes in and orders we only take a name so it doesnt go on their record. But I think to reward on $$$ would be a great idea, I will have to look into that and see if I can do it that way.