Anyone using Somerset CDR-2020 20" Countertop Two Stage Dough Docker / Sheeter

We currently use the somerset cdr-2000 2 stage. Thinking of upgrading to the cdr-2020 sheeter w/ docking feature. Does anyone have any experience? pros cons?

I purchased this sheeter about 4 years ago and was very excited to save time with the built in docking accessory. Unfortunately, it was not a feature that was ready for release. I had constant issues with dough getting caught in it and the part itself squeaking loudly due to a bushing that had design problems. I called Somerset and after troubleshooting my dough recipe etc., they admitted it was a known issue but offered no thoughts on repair because they didn’t have any. That being said, this was 4 years ago, maybe they have gone through a redesign and figured it out. I’m not sure. Thankfully, the docking feature is removable and mine has been in a box since shortly after buying it. The sheeter itself is a great piece of machinery otherwise. Easy to clean and maintain. So I would caution against paying the extra money for the docking accessory without gurantees from Somerset.

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i was looking at it a couple years back and the company said there were issues with the the docking feature. I ended up grabbing a barely new one (without the docking) on ebay for a steal instead They have always been a great company to deal with so if they have it out there I would grab one. They always have stood behind all their products.

I love them… Have been using them for about 15 years now… just purchased a new one last December and am super happy with it. I was warned about the docking feature as well when I went to buy it, as they said it is very finicky with the sort of dough that you try to run through it. So I just opted for the hand pin dockers and it all worked out well!

Good luck!