Anyone using the MM WOW ovens?

Ive been kicking around the idea of getting new ovens as we use PS360WB’s and they are gas hogs

I have been torn between the edge60 or a used set of PS670’s wow ovens. I like that the wow oven speed up cook times by about 30% we are a pan pizza at set at 8min at 500 degrees.

It would be awesome to speed that up to 6min or so for our busy hours

Thanks guys. I have heard they are harder to work on but the gas savings and cook times could be worth it

Edge ovens have a 3860 wide body oven out. I understand these , as well as the regular edge 60’s will have a variable speed blower motor that will speed up the bake considerably. At somewhere near 25k for a double stack, these will be much cheaper than wow ovens, and they just DON’T break down. They are more efficient than the middleby’s and you will not find a better company in our industry to do business with. Call Mike or Mark and talk to them. You won’t regret it.

We put the WOW ovens in our new location. I’m not really feeling the quicker cook time thing with them. I have been slowly but surely reverting the cook time back toward our cook time on our less expensive ovens. 6 to 630. We are currently running the Wow’s at 5:30 no where near the 30% faster claim. They are nice when it slows down and they shut off by themselves. @jokergerm is so busy they would probably be running all the time anyway. I think they call them the WOW oven because when you get the invoice you say “WOW” that’s a lot of money.

^^ thanks for the input

I spoke with Mike today at length about his ovens. I have actually been waiting for edge to release the WB 60 for about 1.5 years lol.

I need thee Wbs as we sell a ton of 12" bread sides and on a busy day we can burn threw all 60 18" pans. And a 32" belt just won’t cut it for all those 18" pies. I think total we have 700 pans or so

I do think the wow would be nice from 130-4pm when slow but not worth the extra 20k

As you know I have Edge ovens in both of my stores. The one promise you won’t get from Edge is the fastest bake time. I cook at basically the same time I did with my XLT’s or Middleby 570’s +/- 10 seconds. My Edge ovens have been reliable, quiet and efficient. I’d have a hard time believing there is much if any energy savings to be had with another oven.

I’ve heard horror stories about the WOW 670’s with all the excess parts involved.

So you don’t think the edge 60 will save any energy over my 3660WBs?

If that’s the case I’ll just keep them and save my 30k

No, that’s not what I meant, I was trying to say that my energy savings were so significant when I switched to the Edge ovens that I find it hard to believe that other ovens are going to offer any significant savings over the Edge 60’s.

Are the Edge 60 wide belt (38 in ?) available now ? do you happen to know the cost ? When it is slow i turn my mm540 off and when i have an order i say 15 minutes, turn the oven on and prepare the pizza, saves a lot of fuel , even at start of shift i leave the ovens off until the 1st order, I used to let the ovens run empty for years, not anymore!!!

What ovens did you have before and what are you saving?

John, the 38" edge 60 is 26k

At one store I was using XLT’s and at the other I was using Middleby 570’s. I’ll have to pull my utility bills to post the actual usages to compare. Currently at least one oven is running for 18+ hours a day and a second oven runs for part of each day with a third oven running occasionally and my natural gas bill is averaging $400-$450 per month. This also includes the natural gas for my hot water heater. I’ll post the number of therms used this afternoon.

ordering doublestack widebody edge60’s this week with split belt on one…fingers crossed…do you guys have just a regular canopy hood…does the entire belt need to be covered. Want to change my oven location without moving the hood