Anyone using the "Vito oil" fryer filter system?

I ran across an ad in the current online copy of PMQ for the “VITO” oil filtration system for fryers. We just so happen to be considering the purchase of a filter to help extend the life of our oil and the taste of our finished foods. I’ve checked out their website, the price although high isn’t that far out of line with the rest of the fryer filters I see for sale. I’m wondering if any of ya’ll are using one or have seen on in action.

Please keep us posted on this. It impressed us enough to make it into the “Hot Products” section for 2010!

I will Ron…of course you’re more than welcome to purchase one and let me use it to test out for you. One would think a reasonable testing period would be oh…12 years or so.

I have put my name in to be contacted for a Demo, so far…no return call.


Don’t ask me how I found out about this product…but I found it…I ordered a sample and WOW…don’t want to know how it works. You add about an ounce of it to your fryers every morning once they heat up…mix it around and it works miracles. I have extended our oil by 3 days and you have to try the test they suggest.

Want a best product of 2010…this is it. Now, it is a bit costly, but I did the math and I will save and have been saving in the long run when it comes to oil usage. … ilflex.php

Here is the problem I see with the vito system – what about the stuff at the very bottom of the tank?

I’ve used the big roll-around oil filters, and while they’re cumbersome and annoying to clean, ALL of the oil leaves the tank, you rinse down the tank with filtered oil (to get EVERYTHING out), and then refill with the filtered oil. You do lose some oil in the process because of having to vacuum it all out of the filter machine and pump it back in. In our chicken fryers (fast food joint that did a fair amount of fried chicken), there was a big “cup” at the bottom that was almost full of drippings and droppings, probably a couple of quarts on a daily basis. While the Vito system isn’t aimed at true chicken fryers, these types of issues cause me concern.

I have even deeper concerns about the clabbergirl stuff. While it sounds really neat, until you can get the particulate matter out of the oil, you’re still breaking down your oil by having the contaminants in there.

However, from an employee (worker) perspective, they both look like giant time-savers and mess-savers.

Snowman…they sell an “optional” device on their web-site. Only surmising at this point but it appears one would sit this contraption down where the tapered snout would draw the debris up from the bottom. I’m not jumping up and down on this thing just yet, but “if” it worked it appears to be much less cumbersome to use than a wheeled filter cart. We do a LOT Of heavy breading, and need to consider a filter of some sort to keep our product at their best.

Alrighty…after only seven months from my first inquiry I was finally able to enjoy the demonstration of a VITO fryer filter in my own kitchen yesterday. I have to say that my area rep is one great guy, knew that I am in the “mostly curious” stage, yet made a stop to demo his wares on the way to retrieve a young 'un from college for Spring Break.

The verdict…this little guy WORKS. I was extremely skeptical that a unit sitting ABOVE the muck would have the needed power to suck up the “sludge” that settles into the bottom of our fryers. We heavy bread a lot of stuff by hand so flour “wash off” can be significant for us. Within seconds of being activated, the VITO had developed quite the circulation in our fryer pulling up an amazing amount of sludge with no problem. We ran it for two 4 minute cycles and it was surprising to me, maybe a better word would be disappointing to me just how much crud came up into the filter since we had JUST cleaned the fryer the day before and replaced it with brand new oil!

I think the over all report is it’s a neat little tool. I can certainly understand the value of having a quick, nearly clean, process to use in cleaning our fryers. They recommend running it after every “service” to keep the oil at it’s best possible condition between full out changes.

Price wise the local dealers have a LOT of latitude off of the published “list price”. I have to make a decision over the coming weeks if we’ll purchase a unit like this, or go for the “old fashioned” cart style filter system…or even go extremely low-tech and just buy a basket & frame unit to go over an old soup kettle. Regardless we need to do something and I am now a believer in this new VITO if you’re wondering after all this time!

I have a Vito and yes, I would buy it again. We save much money and time (cleaning the fryer) with it. Plus we have a better quality of our fried goods.
So if you spend too much oil and want to have a better quality “go for the Vito”

I have a Vito for two years & it’s had several issues? One was the motor, it stopped so sent it back & they replaced it .
Overt time the plates bent ? I changed filters once oil stop or a reduction of oil was coming out the front, not happy with our investment & now it’s come to almost grinding halt ?
I have three vats I filter every day 98% of the time the Vito has been going good but started haven’t doubts when I herd the motor slowly getting slower & until it stopped. I have one pack of filters from A whole box left.
Would I bye Another one no .