Anyone using these ovens: second attempt

Posted once before but want to try one more time:

So for 20 year we have used our trusty Blodgett 1000S deck oven. Still work ok but we are constantly replacing parts now.

Considering one of these:

I don’t know anything about a matador oven. If you got the money and just want to upgrade you should go for a Marsal. But if you like the blodgett, and just tired of it breaking down, just hire someone to replace all the functioning parts. Couldn’t be more than $1500 per deck.

Sparrows, We have a blodgett 1000S. According to Blodgett themselves they are not making some parts anymore. One being the hinges for the doors. So we have a double stack that we have to keep the doors closed with a pizza screen as parts are no longer available. But thanks