Anyone using these patriotic pizza boxes?

This pic came up again, and I was wondering if people actually used these misprinted pizza boxes.

I wouldn’t use them based upon being overly-ugly AND possibly driving off the portion of customers that don’t believe in God. They seem to be getting more offended at the mere mention (or writing) of the name.

Where did you get that man!!?

Maybe they know something about Puerto Rico…

That pic came either from a buddy or it might have been on DIGG. It is the second time I have seen it and though you guys might get a kick out of it. Here is the link to the blog I got the pic from.

Some of the reader comments are actually interesting, and a bit of an uncommon look into how the average net surfer looks at a pizza box.

I use this Pizza Box…I am PROUD to use this Pizza Box…Will continue to use this Pizza Box, and if anyone is offended by this Pizza Box they can go eat else where!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA

I don’t think he posted it to gauge the response to “God Bless America”…

You did notice that it has fifty-one stars, right?

I am a God loving Patriotic person…My response was really directed towards snowman.

For my wife and me, it would seem a cheesy (sorry about the pun) exploitation of that whole war-soldier support/patriotism craze going on now. We support the soldiers and country and all that, but keep our pizzeria focused on food and service. Our boxes are custom logo-ed, and what we stick with. We give discounts and specials for active duty and retired military plus emergency service professionals.

We wouldn’t look askance at others who chose to use it. Our marketing/boxes are focused on us and our brand . . . participation in events, activities and efforts show our support to military and country.

Besides, we would lose sleep every night thinking about that darned 51st star :shock:

maybe we arent planning on leaving Iraq? could that be the 51st?

As a freethinker, many non-believers are sensitive to businesses incorporating their religious beliefs because we have absolutely no power or protection. I still get a Whataburger despite their window sign of “In God We Trust” and still enjoy Chick-Fil-A on any day other than Sunday. But I will shy away from those businesses that seem to be promoting their own beliefs, such as having a fish symbol on all signage. By the same token, I will not push my own viewpoint in my stores. I welcome all paying customers.

In this particular case, the box would diminish my opinion of the business.

I don’t like it based upon trying to cash in on the whole patriotic craze as Nick mentioned. I also believe that the box takes away a premium advertising spot for your business. They look like something I’d expect to see at the local gas station/“pizza” place – the kind where the cashier for gas assembles your pizza.

As a business owner, I believe you should take ALMOST anyone’s money who offers it. If you want to approach it from a religious aspect, can you do more or less of God’s work without the money of heathens? You should relish the thought of taking money out of the hands of those who might otherwise promote opposing religious beliefs. Focus on what’s important… making the person fatter and his wallet skinnier.