anyone using Turkey?

In addition to pizza and pasta we do most traditional subs…Chicken Parm, Eggplant Parm, Meatball, Sausage and Pepper, NY Sub (Ham, salami, pepperoni, cappicola, prov), and Ham and Provolone.

Was thinking about adding turkey to do some sort of turkey melt or just a classic turkey and cheese. I believe those a little on the health conscious side, or women and children, often like turkey.

what do you think? am I getting too far off base and should I just stick to mainly the basics, or is adding turkey a good option.


We have a turkey sub that sells sparingly, but we use turkey on our chef salads more than anything else. Right now we’re buying in a pre-sliced lunch meat turkey, same with our ham and salami.

We do a turkey club on a 9" hoagie with turkey, bacon, swiss, lettuce, tomato, mayo. Cost is 2.10, retail 6.00 We buy a raw turkey bre_st at Sams, season it and roast it in the pizza oven @400 for about 3 hours, slice, and portion into 5 oz.

I spend half my time thinking its a nice alternative to our list of italian subs (thats pretty much the same as yours).
I spend the other half thinking its just a distraction and more work. Sorry for the noncommittal opinion.

Definately sells more to women than men.

We go with boarshead oven gold turkey…i believe its the best on the market. some options are

turkey lettuce tomato mayo add cheese
turkey club american cheese lettuce tomato mayo bacon
turkey munster melt with bacon and 1000 dressing
thanksgiving turkey sanwich with turkey gravy and cranberry sauce on the bread like dressing (sounds crazy but people eat it)
hot turkey platter turkey with gravy over a piece of white bread served with a side of fries

On the turkey you buy from Sams…what is the shrink factor after cook?

don’t really know. I’m making one tuesday, and will post.

Poultry (turkey) pepperoni is a great product and it should fly well by those who are health concious, and sliced turkey (white meat) can be used to make a great baked sub sandwich, and it works well applied just as it is to the pizza too. If it will help you to sell a few more pizzas go for it! If you have a crowd of health concious customers, give the Galaxy Cheese product a test drive. When mixed 50/50 with a good quality mozzarella cheese, you end up with a cheese topping that has a decent flavor, good texture, and it is 50% lower in cholesterol than the “real” thing. That should grab their attention.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I know turkey is light, etc…but I know as a consumer, I don’t even think turkey except around Thanksgiving time.

That being said…if sales slack on it right now, re-introduce it around holiday time and call it a “special holiday sub”.

Shoot, I’ve made my own sub with turkey and cranberry sauce and some cheese and parsley melted down and it is a pretty nice taste.

we sell between 100-125 turkey subs every week, it is a good seller for us, we have a regular turkey, turkey club and we sell a ham and turkey sub as well

our turkey club is probably our biggest selling oven baked sandwich, roll out a small dough ball so its thin and even, 4 oz bacon, 6 oz turkey, 4 oz cheddar cheese, fold one side of dough over ingredients, oil the top, then fold the other side over so after it bakes it leaves a little pocket to put lettuce, tomato, and onions. served with dijon. and chips. it is definitely a bigger seller to the lunch crowd than the dinner crowd, but i would say at least 25 a day. on busy days closer to 50.


Call me strange, but I order turkey om my sandwiches quite often in a futile attempt to eat better (more healthy). We’re not talking about putting a drum stick between two pieces of bread, just some sliced meat. If you’ve not tried turkey/poultry pepperoni, you’ve got to give it a try.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

We have always had Turkey Subs on our menu and they sell quite well, along with our Club Sub which has Turkey, Ham, and Bacon. We sell them primarily as cold subs but can toast them if the customer wishes. We use a pre-sliced Purdue Turkey and customers like it. I would suggest adding it. What would be the down side?