anyone using/used the company Repeat Returns

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this company…

I will take this as no…

I’m bumping this older thread because I’m taking a look at this program right now. I use Point of Success but really don’t like the idea of buying .70 cards that people treat as throw aways. And since Point of Success requires the cards without a way to use a phone number, it’s a dealbreaker for me. As a consumer I hate the cards and most everyone I’ve talked to hates them.

I completely agree that the website (even today) lacks basic information about the product. It was the first thing I noticed, so I was glad to see the posts on this forum agreeing. However, there are now lots of testimonials on the website and I’m going to give a phone call to a couple to discuss their experience tomorrow.

I value Kamron’s experience and advice very much but disagree with the use of some of his strategies - particularly the vapid newspaper article appearing adds that contain zero information. I see those ads in papers and magazines and they have a very negative effect on me. However, so much of his advice is good that I thought this program was worth a look.

I did go through the sales pitch which was low pressure but still not terribly informative (and a bit scripted). The website advertises a $99.00 monthly minimum price, but I was quoted $247.00/month. I inquired and was told that the $99/month is available but is a very stripped down version of the product :frowning:

I also subscribed to a handful of their customers’ programs just to see the e-mails. They look very professional. My only complaint is that the privacy policy refers you to a website ( based in Kansas City. I WHOIS’d and came up with a big daddy referral for a company called “Lockyear Holdings” in a suburb of KC. Lockyear Holdings operates a company called Silver Stream Marketing which appears to be the same (or similar) product to repeat returns. The address given is a suburban house. I don’t know if this is outsourcing or what, but it does make me a bit nervous that the privacy policy does not reference back to repeatreturns (which is in Las Vegas and a shiny picture of their office is on the website). Seems like a bit of hide the ball to me.

As an aside, I find this part pretty ironic because Kamron, in his recent book (“Gun to the Head”) tells a story about a vendor with a snazzy website. Kamron buys the product or service assuming they are a legitimately well put together company. When he starts having issues, he decides to go on a surprise visit and finds, to his dismay, a shanty of an office.

Anyway, to the good stuff. I downloaded the widget and it works great. The widget floats in front of the order entry screen. The software uses OCR technology to capture the dollar amount of the sale (and the clerks name as well, I think). It’s very easy to enter someones phone number in and hit one button to award them points. Contrary to previous posts, you need no additional hardware with their product now.

The e-mail schedule and flexibility to add campaigns looks good. The backend software (which I have demo’d) is very full featured with tons of reports, campaign management, database editing, etc.

$247 is pretty steep, but this program does appear to be better than most. I’m strongly considering it because:

  1. I think systems that utilize phone numbers are better than card-based systems.
  2. Reward points are effective to me (Best Buy is the ONLY rewards program I use with any regularity). This is especially true when every e-mail has the balance posted in the e-mail along with the amount needed to attain the next level.
  3. The promise (we’ll see if they produce) of handling the bulk of campaign mailings is very valuable to me. I currently have an e-mail list I manage with Max Bulk Mailer. It is not effective.

Anyway, I’m doing some comparison shopping so if anyone has any ideas on other similar services, let me know. I’ll keep you posted on what I find out.

Patrick Cuezze

anybody else?

Can you keep us posted on this? I would be very interested in giving this a try. I was unfamiliar with it until this post.

I have been using them for about 2 years, It is a Kamron Karrington company! The dollar amount is scary from the outside, but would not give it up now for anything! IT WORKS!!! but it does take discipline in your staff and it takes time to build! if you are on the edge probably not for you, if you want to steadily increase business and retain it, this WORKS! but you have got to enroll people actively, and use the the tools they provide you.
Tell Shelly Greg from Carbone’s said you should use them!

Greg, what do you mean “The dollar amount is scary from the outside”? i thought it was only 200 a month.

I mean, just that $200 a month with the little information they give you up front.

not that $200/month is HUGE, but it is a real expense with little information as to how well it can work!

Most of my mktg. is stealth and social media, but this defintly fits in with stealth marketing. the easiest dollars to get are from someone who already does business with you, this program is designed to increase frequency, loyalty and retention amongst you customer database. I am part of a local regional franchise with great product when done right. When I got into the business 6 years ago I asked myself the question do I want to recreate the wheel? or capitalize on an good name with excellent product. I chose the later, as a result we do some co-op advertising that we all contribute toward. but this program I allocate additional funding to and it would be the last thing I gave up!

I’ve been looking at this company as well … I’m currently working with an email company that’s costing about $150/month & doesn’t give me 1/10th of what this program seems to offer. I’m probably going to pull the trigger in the next month (when another marketing contract expires). Will track results & service & keep everyone posted.

I would have to agree that a phone number based system is a 1000 times better than a card based system and I have used both.

Our program is built right in to our POS system so it does not cost any extra per month

I have been using it actively for about 60 days now and am very satisfied. The product works as advertised and the dashboard tools are very useful. It will definitely take some time to get your staff in the habit of asking every guest if they’ve joined. The company does a great job of following up. About every 20-30 days I get an e-mail inviting me to call them for additional training on the system. The go over lesser known aspects of the system with me and show me how to get more out of it.

Again, my biggest problem with RR is how it is marketed. When you have a great product at a fair price, why hide the ball? While my salesperson was very friendly and helpful the whole signup felt a little like the buying-a-car process.

Feel free to DM me if you have any specific questions.

Glad to hear it’s going well for you. I was a bit worried about the “Too good to be true” factor (lets face it, nobody sells himself better than Kam Karrington), but he fact that there’s no contract certainly makes it worth giving it a go. $250 a month really is not at all high if all the services are provided as effectively as the site says.

What program do you use?