Anyone watch that hoarding show?

Talk about nasty…if you haven’t watched the show hoarding, I recommend it. It’s on Monday nights- set your dvr…You will never complain about a mess in your house again.


My 5th grade teacher would have been a great candidate for that show. Her cars, yard and house had no room at all for anything. When I took my wife back to my home town I made a special trip passed the teachers house to show her. my wife was convinced it was the local junk yard.

How about the show that chronicles people’s crazy eating habits…not sure what it is actually called.

Last week there was a guy on there that eats over 400 pizzas a year. I am not condoning the unhealthy eating habit, but man that would be a nice customer to have.

Yeah, I saw that one. There was also one (not sure if it was the same episode) with a woman that only eats french fries.

I wish he was my customer too.

With all the drama at the pizza shop, I always said that I am going to film it and turn it into a reality show.

Might be a good idea? Spend a couple of weeks at all our shops and let it fly.


That’s funny you mention that – I was thinking the other day that we should be in a reality show too – but that it would probably get boring episode after episode being in our same old pizza shop day after day. But…doing a different pizza shop each episode…hmmmmmm… :lol:

I think pizza makes a great reality show. We need one

Have you noticed in these homes full of junk that they all have flat screen tv’s?


that is because there is no room for the CRT type :twisted:

ahaha @ Daddios reply above ^^